Introducing Brandy (Upcoming Book: True to Myself by Amanda Griffith)

Hey, My problem is I think I'm an alcoholic. How do I know? I'm really not sure, but I know I've gotten so drunk I've blacked out and said and done things I'm ashamed of. I'm trying to get over my addiction, but I'm scared. My friend Tina just asked me to go to a party. I mean, I can't stay at...

Amanda Griffith

petition to stop Chinese abuse

Vietnamese Torture South Vietnamese Protesters

As we all know, currently Viet Nam does not have much freedom of anything, especially freedom of speech or to express how you feel.  There is a big movement going on now among the Vietnamese community inside Viet Nam and also here in the United States. We, all the people who believe in freedom are fighting for those who lives in Viet Nam, who  had expressed their feeling toward the goverment of Viet Nam of betraying their own people by giving …

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