Introducing Brandy (Upcoming Book: True to Myself by Amanda Griffith)

Hey, My problem is I think I'm an alcoholic. How do I know? I'm really not sure, but I know I've gotten so drunk I've blacked out and said and done things I'm ashamed of. I'm trying to get over my addiction, but I'm scared. My friend Tina just asked me to go to a party. I mean, I can't stay at...

Amanda Griffith

Shift from beer to distilled spirits

Smirnoff Seems Hot

Is Joe Camel back in disguise?“ The world’s best drinks start with Smirnoff.” Lately, I’ve been wishing my parents would buy Smirnoff. It seems so classy in the commercials, but I don’t have access to it like I can get to my parents’ ready stock of whiskey. I wish I had someone old enough who could buy for me. The commercials where the guy is looking through the vodka bottle and sees more, understands more, appreciates more…that’s so cool! In the …

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