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Few Colleges Follow NIAAA Advice to Prevent Student Drinking

Few Colleges Follow NIAAA Advice to Prevent Student Drinking
A study is published in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research.

One commenter at this site wrote:

Posted by Profbam on 02 Aug 10 01:15 PM EDT
…In the long run, the solution to our problem lies in the middle schools that sorely need an effective alcohol/drug program (DARE is not one) that continues through high school. That requires time and money for teacher training and is never going to happen. Thus, the students come to college already drinking, just now they don’t have to shape their drinking around the presence of their parents…

What do you think? Do you think students who drink in college were already drinking in high school and man y who drink in high school started in middle school? Do you think public schools should be responsible for teaching the dangers of drugs and alcohol in a more comprehensive way than a token program like Drug Awareness Week that we have in Texas schools?

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3 Responses to Few Colleges Follow NIAAA Advice to Prevent Student Drinking

  1. The problem is American drinking culture, which comes from Britain, Ireland and Northern Europe: People drink in unbelievable excess and get drunk on purpose. Traditional Mediterranean patterns of drinking were different. People drank at meals and to celebrate and getting drunk was frowned upon.

    We need to change our culture and model responsibility before we can ask teenagers and college students to abstain. And the big lesson is this: alcohol is a depressant. Never take it when you're sad, down or depressed. It will only make you feel worse and put you into a downward spiral.

    We need tell kids that drugs take control of us and that alcoholic beverages can, too. The last thing a teenager wants is to be controlled. If we get them to see that, and if we can be responsible ourselves, maybe things can change.

    A drug awareness week can be a start in that direction if well planned.

  2. Wow, David. If parents are on it and as insightful as this, lives of teens could be as you describe: full of intelligent decisions instead of rebellion.

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