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Hey, My problem is I think I'm an alcoholic. How do I know? I'm really not sure, but I know I've gotten so drunk I've blacked out and said and done things I'm ashamed of. I'm trying to get over my addiction, but I'm scared. My friend Tina just asked me to go to a party. I mean, I can't stay at...

Amanda Griffith

How Do You Have Fun at a Party?

I told you awhile back I went to a keg party with Tina. She tricked me into going when we were supposed to be going to the movies. I’ve been to several parties in the last couple years and to a couple concerts. The focus is always drinking and drugs. Why does everyone feel they have to drink or do drugs to have a good time? Now I don’t want to drink, but when the pressure gets turned up, I think I need to get turned on.

Are you someone who thinks drinking is fun? Or are you someone who gets high on life and doesn’t drink?

I wish I’d never tried my first drink. But now, when I’m in a social situation and there’s alcohol, I feel like I almost have to drink. Like I can’t get by without it. Will I ever stop feeling this way? I want to quit, but it’s just so hard.

I used to think drinking made me more attractive to boys and that it was easier to talk to them when I drank.  After I threw up all over the middle of the floor in front of tons of kids at a school dance, that should have signaled to me drinking was unattractive. Also, at a concert last year, this guy I was with, walked away from me after I got drunk, like he was embarrassed or something. The kicker should have been the accident  I had in my parents’ Volvo. I totaled the car and am working to pay it off. I’m grounded for life and can’t drive for several months.

So, you know, I just wish I could stop drinking. But when I went to that party last week, and Brittany trash talked me, it was just like I had no choice. I wish someone could help me. I don’t have Jerry. I can’t tell my parents. I’m going to try to talk to my ex-best friend Celia. She has to trust me again. I can’t survive if we’re not friends.

What do you do when you need help? Do you turn to a crutch like alcohol or drugs?

About Amanda Griffith

I am a Franklin and Marshall graduate, English and Government. I taught 6-12 English for 28 years and am a published writer with four articles to my credit. Check out my five star rating on
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