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Amanda Griffith

Drinking Games

Last year at an exchange concert in New Hampshire, I played quarters at a keg party. This guy had a crush on me. Most of the kids from Westbury were in the garage. The boy led me upstairs and I joined a small circle of his friends as we all got really drunk. In the game, a player tries to bounce a quarter off the table and have it land in his or her beer mug. If it does, the player orders another player to drink the beer making sure not to swallow or even get the quarter in the mouth. If the quarter does not make it into the glass, the player who missed must drink. I remember just wanting to miss so I could drink more. The girl I was staying with was really mad at me for coming home to her parents’ house drunk. They knew I had gotten smashed and weren’t too impressed with my stumbling around and screaming behavior which woke them up in the middle of the night. These are the kind of things that happened to me when I was drinking, getting embarrassed all the time for acting stupid. 

Also, the boy who brought me upstairs took me into a back bedroom and tried to have sex with me. I didn’t even remember the incident until the next day. That’s another thing that happens to you when you are drunk. You forget what happens and it may come back in pieces of memory to you over the next few days. What if I had been so smashed I did it with him? Things like that really scare me now.

I read this on a website this week:

Retailer TJ Maxx acted swiftly to remove a series of drinking games from stores shelves after a Boston Globe reporter spotted the games and contacted the parent company asking why games titled “Drink Like a Fish” and “Drink Til You Drop” were on display next to graduation gifts. 

There was a time when I would have wanted to buy those games for my own party. I’ve had parties at my parents’ house when they were gone. But now, they seem silly and immature. I can’t believe they sell those in the store. Don’t they know kids are playing those games and getting addicted to alcohol, saying and doing things they normally wouldn’t do?

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2 Responses to Drinking Games

  1. Wow! People will stop at nothing to make a buck. It is encouraging that TJ Maxx did the right thing, but would they have if the whole matter of drinking were not so highly politicized?

  2. I doubt it. I think raising the issue in the media, the public outcry, is the only way to get anything done that loses a company money.

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