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Hey, My problem is I think I'm an alcoholic. How do I know? I'm really not sure, but I know I've gotten so drunk I've blacked out and said and done things I'm ashamed of. I'm trying to get over my addiction, but I'm scared. My friend Tina just asked me to go to a party. I mean, I can't stay at...

Amanda Griffith

Why Can’t I Stop Drinking?

It is really bugging me how I chugged down five beers at the party. I tried to blame Tina for talking me into the party. I said last week, “She knows I have a problem with alcohol, so why did she take me there?” I have the drinking problem, not her. I have to stop myself. No one can keep me from it or protect me. I can’t blame anyone.

It seems to make me feel better. If something goes wrong, or I don’t feel comfortable, I want a drink. If I’m stressed, it seems to make me feel better. But the next day, I feel even worse about myself, so I want more. That’s why I want to graduate early. High school is all about pressure. If I can get out of school, I think I can stop drinking. My sister said college is better. But I just found drugs in her room! Is college the same? Will I always drink? How can I stop?
My parents stopped drinking. My mom used to swig down two or three cocktails four or more nights a week when she came home from work. She stopped for me. She would be so disappointed in me if she knew I drank. I feel bad knowing it and pretending around her like nothing’s wrong. She never notices it seems when I’m depressed. Why can’t my mother see what’s wrong with me? Is she too wrapped up in her own life to see I’m hurting. I feel like screaming at her sometimes, “Mom, I’m an alcoholic.”
Am I an alcoholic? I don’t drink every day, just when I go out with friends. I’m going to stop. I won’t do it again. Who am I kidding? I said that two days ago and when I Brittany yelled at me, I raced into the kitchen and drank in front of all those gossiping bitches. I didn’t even care what they thought of me. Does that mean I have a problem?
Jerry was mad when I told him what I did. How will I keep my boyfriend if I can’t stop drinking? He’ll get tired of it. He used to drink and stopped and he wants me to stop. He won’t put up with me if I don’t quit. I need help.
What would you do if you had a problem with drugs or alcohol and couldn’t stop? What is you were too ashamed to tell your parents? What if your best friend was so disgusted with you she wasn’t talking to you? Who would you talk to?

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I am a Franklin and Marshall graduate, English and Government. I taught 6-12 English for 28 years and am a published writer with four articles to my credit. Check out my five star rating on
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  1. That is a serious problem. Teenagers feel so alone. Talking to friends might help and maybe they will use some tough love to seek help.

  2. I tried to see your blogs but couldn't read anything. I also tried to follow but it didn't work. Thanks for your kind comments.

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