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Hey, My problem is I think I'm an alcoholic. How do I know? I'm really not sure, but I know I've gotten so drunk I've blacked out and said and done things I'm ashamed of. I'm trying to get over my addiction, but I'm scared. My friend Tina just asked me to go to a party. I mean, I can't stay at...

Amanda Griffith

Tina is Making Me So Mad

This morning, all I can think about is Tina and how she only cares about herself. She always has to look better than me when we go out, like her hair, makeup, clothes. She’ll try to outdo me. Also, if she sees me with a certain nail polish color, she’ll ask me the name of the color and the brand. The next thing you know, she goes to the same nail salon and gets it. I hate it when people copy me. But at the same time, I get this feeling she thinks she’s better than me. She puts me down all the time, saying I spend too much time with my boyfriend and let him boss me around. But when she went with us to the mall, she was coming onto him… flirting with him like crazy. I was furious. Chris, this guy I met at the library came and so I just on impulse, went after him to get even. I mean, Jerry was letting her flirt and acting like he enjoyed it. He was making me mad. He should have told her where she could go. Why didn’t he?

I know you want to know what happened at the party. It was really bad. I can’t talk about it. Sometimes, I just have to not think about stuff when it gets really bad. If I make a mistake like that again, I don’t know what I’ll do. I can’t drink. I hate myself for what I did last year. I know I can get it under control. I shouldn’t have gone to the party. Brittany was such a …you know what. She screamed at me when I walked in. I don’t want to talk about it, but it was a really bad idea. Wait.. what’s that? She wrote about it on MySpace. Oh my God! I can’t believe she said that! If someone called you a skank or a slut online, what would you do? Would you call her names online too? Would you call her up and cuss her out? Would you tell your parents? Would you tell the principal at school? Well, school hasn’t started yet, and I can’t tell my parents because they’d be really mad if they knew I went to that party. They’d kill me. I’m sure not calling her up or printing anything about it online. I don’t need anymore attention after what happened last year. I’m going to tell my boyfriend Jerry. He’ll probably be disappointed… Oh, no. I can’t call him. He was coming onto to Tina last night. I hate her now. We can’t be friends after this. I feel like I don’t have anyone. My sister is coming home this weekend. I hope I can talk to her about it.

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I am a Franklin and Marshall graduate, English and Government. I taught 6-12 English for 28 years and am a published writer with four articles to my credit. Check out my five star rating on
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Great work. I love the diary type entries.

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